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  • February 23, 2011


Carpe Diem Or Lego

The MMCA asked me to create an eye-catching call-for-entry poster for the AAF ADDY® Awards. It became the perfect canvas to experiment. This was my chance to evolve the concept of what is hand-done. Aesthetically, I wanted to move away from a very flat, shallow space that accompanies what is hand drawn. I introduced three-dimensional lettering back into design by the use of Legos and maintained a feel of being hand-made through the physical act of building.

The result is a dynamic poster, designed with vibrant, celebratory colors. As influences go, music has one of the greatest impacts. I work with music because I want my art to have that energy, a love and vibrancy that fills our lives – a soundtrack for the soul. This poster is a celebration of design and music, reflecting the organic vibe of the formative years of MTV to the world music-influenced style of M.I.A.